On/Site & Off/Site Staffed Events

Impressive Ideas.

Impressive Results.

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Impressive Gross.










Missouri CDJR Store 4/2021 Store: 88 deliveries for $537,000 in Gross Profit

Michigan GMC Buick Store: 72 deliveries for $497,01 in Gross Profit.


Florida off site sale Nissan Store: 1/2020 52 delivered $356,000 Gross Profit

Georgia CDJR Store: 84 deliveries for $633,000 Gross Profit

Mississippi Toyota Store 4 Day double Closer Event: 47 deliveries $237,000 Gross Profit

Florida off site Nissan Store: 65 deliveries $452,000 Gross Profit

Florida Chevy off site event: 52 deliveries $353,000 Gross Profit

Florida Mega Christmas Tent Sale 18 Days 129 deliveries for $722,000 Gross Profit

On/Site Events

Turn to The KPM Group if you need well-trained and highly-qualified Automotive Professionals to help you run your staffed event. We also offer staffing services for hybrid events and other auto dealer promotions. KPM supplies tags, window treatments, worksheets, forms, and other sales aids. Our team members will hold training meetings and follow up on all sales, finance approvals and deliveries on a daily basis. We will review your finance procedures and lender basket to be sure you are using all available resources. We will work hand in hand with your management and sales team to produce a strong, motivated sales atmosphere. Dealers average 33% + savings overall compared to going rates from all major advertisers. This means on a $125,000 total gross promotion you will save up to $11,900 or 33% of the cost of running a super sale by purchasing direct from The KPM Group.


Off/Site Events

We provide TURN KEY Off/Site Staffed Events at popular locations like Wal-Mart, fairgrounds, and Big Lots. Barge right into your competitors' front door and gain their customers instantly. Expand your potential opportunities outside of your market, and increase your gross averages with NON-INTENDERS!!! Whether you’re looking to do a Walmart Tent Event or a Used Car Tent Event at virtually any location, you’re in great hands with The KPM Group. You benefit from our staff's combined 32 years of expertise and experience from conducting HUNDREDS of Off/Site car sales for dealers across the U.S.  Unlike a “typical” event at your store, a KPM Off-site Tent Sale allows you to tap into new markets and reach fresh customers, while simultaneously maintaining sales at your permanent location. Our Off/Site Events create a true buying frenzy which fuels your staff as well as your customers. A typical Off/Site sale or Walmart Tent Sale generates more traffic, sells more units, and generates more 'profit per unit sold' than the average in-store staffed event.